Client Testimonials

“Julia is just wonderful. I wasn’t getting anywhere working out on my own and with little kids I simply didn’t have the time to work out at the same time every day. Julia worked with my schedule and her videos were so easy to follow that daily exercise became a no brainer. And maybe more importantly, Julia is compassionate, empathetic, and genuine. She really takes an interest in you and your goals. I felt like I was working out with a friend. “


“I wanted to take a moment to recognize Julia Montse Hickman, and let you know how her Online Studio has been a positive influence on my life. As a career gal with a stressful job and dog mom to Jack, my 100 lb yellow lab mix, I struggled to get to the gym consistently. When I did get there, my routine consisted of 30 min on the treadmill and maybe some weights if I was in the mood. I tried some classes, but ultimately they weren’t for me. Having Type 1 Diabetes makes high intensity workouts challenging, so instead of enjoying my class, I was worried about my blood sugar crashing. Not cool! So I ended my gym membership and walked Jack as my daily exercise. While this did keep the weight off, it did very little for my physical fitness or stress relief. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I experienced a miscarriage last year that my outlook on life was forever changed. From that moment on, I was determined to do everything in my power to get my body physically fit while also improving my emotional well-being.

I joined Julia’s group about 8 months ago, and it was exactly the kind of positive energy I needed. Her 20-30 minute workouts are fun, convenient, and easy to fit into my weekly schedule. I look forward to the different types of workouts and new exercises each week. When I first started, I could barely do a few squats! Now I love them (lol)! The improvements in my physical strength and muscle tone have been tremendous. I didn’t realize how much a structured workout regimen would lead me to feeling better about myself and how much strength it has given me to keep pursuing my goals. Julia is always there cheering us on when we complete a workout and available to chat when needed. She’s not just my trainer, but has become a true friend throughout my fitness journey. Thanks Julia!”


“I started with Julia months ago. I’ve struggled to get back to my pre-baby weight for about 5 years. There was always a reason/excuse to skip the gym since it was hard to find the time as a working mom of 2 kids. Everything changed when I started with Julia. It finally clicked that a workout didn’t have to be long or uninterrupted, just had to be consistent. I started seeing results right away. It was easy to squeeze in the 20 minute workouts. The workouts are well thought out and focus on certain muscle groups at a time. It’s also a great motivator to see who has completed the workouts. It’s a community. Julia always keeps track and comments when you complete them as well. After a few months of doing these workouts I’ve reached my pre-baby weight and feel great. I can’t thank Julia enough.”


“Just taking a second here to recognize Julia Montse Hickman and the value she has brought to my life! As a mom of two toddlers 18 months apart my work-out routine had completely fallen off my to do list. That day changed when I met Julia. Her realistic, well-thought out approach to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle completely motivated me and made it easy for me to fit into my busy day. Now I am back to regularly working out and I’ve seen great results both mentally and physically. It is obvious she takes the time to plan her routines and the strategies she shares with her audience. I’m so grateful to have found her and love working out with her in person and online! It has brought much needed accountability and support to my life. So cheers to Julia and this group as well as the The Fit Femmes Tribe! “


“Hi everyone! I’ve been working with Julia on my fitness and overall health for the past several months. If anyone is looking to start (and actually stay) on an exercise program then I would recommend working with her!

I was looking for a workout program after the birth of my second daughter to get fit and lose some of the baby weight but wasn’t really getting anywhere on my own. I’d run on a treadmill a couple times a week and lift some weights on my own but it wasn’t a cohesive program. Julia’s online workout program really works well for me because I can exercise at home on my own time. She creates short workouts that target several different muscle groups and cardio. Also, having weekly check-ins with her to discuss the workouts and my diet has actually made me stick to a program for the first time in my life!

I’m getting stronger and losing weight, and she’s shown me extra exercises to rebuild my core. If anyone is looking to make a lifestyle change in a manageable way, then I’d really recommend working with Julia!”


“I wanted to share my experience in working with Julia for anyone considering it. I joined her online studio Mid-June of this year. I had extra lbs to get rid of. But mostly wanted to reclaim my health following an injury. What I appreciate the most, is the accountability. She really removes the wiggle room we busy women fill with excuses disguised as ‘reasons’ for not taking care of ourselves. 2nd top on my list, is the shorter yet very effective videos. I did not have to factor in an entire hour. And it was VERY easy to knock out the workouts of approx 20 mins 3times per week. What frustrated me? The first 4 weeks the scale didn’t move BUT my flexibility, strength, movement, and range of motion significantly improved.
Fast fwd to about 5 months later….I’ve dropped 15 lbs and went down one size.

Trust the process ladies! And be kind to yourselves. Her motivation and no-nonsense ‘do it…dont just think about it’ approach was just what I needed…and her focus on form insured i didnt re-injure myself. Which I have done so many times before.
Good luck on your fitness journey to everyone. And Julia. THANKS for what you do 💪🏼”


“I want to give Julia a big shoutout for helping me get back to my pre baby weight after following her program for a few months!  I still had 20lbs of extra baby weight 6 months after having my second son.  I really struggled to loose the weight and stick to a routine.  

A friend of mine mentioned that Julia was hosting an online program.  I figure that I had nothing to lose except a few extra pounds so I went a head and joined.  This seemed perfect for me – being a working mom with 2 kids under 2, I struggled to find time to head to the gym.  

Her program was perfect for a busy mom.  Her sessions were 20 minutes and focused on your core (which is where I needed it most).  You could log in live with her or take the session at your leisure.  The goal was to do 3 20 minute sessions every week for 6 weeks.  After the 6 weeks were up I had already lost 7lbs and was now on my journey to my goal weight.  I signed up for a weight loss program, but gained so much more from her program.  I gained a community of like minded people after the same goal. Julia not only focused on workouts, but gave meal plan ideas and wellness advice.

I signed up for another several weeks with Julia.  After eight weeks, I was now at my pre baby weight and feeling stronger than ever.  Julia motivated the team every day and every week.  She always checked in with you and inspired you to be a better version of yourself.  I would highly recommend Julia to anyone who “doesn’t have time to workout”.


“I’m so glad that I met Julia and joined her Fitsquad! I’ve been frequenting her Wednesday workouts for just about a year now, but my workout routine really kicked into gear when I joined her Holiday Hustle (3 workouts a week, meal plan, and support group guidance). I was able to work out anytime I could find at a ~20 min clip as well as reference a provided meal plan. Julia really does a great job at working on the whole body and scaling up (or down) the workouts as needed based on ability level; something I really needed as a postpartum mom that I should have done earlier than 2 years after my child was born. I finally feel like I have a core and i’m starting to see muscles + feel strong again. With the 6 week Holiday Hustle behind me, I feel like I have a workout routine that I can manage with my work schedule and with my 2.5 year old. Thank you Julia!”


“Before Julia’s Holiday Hustle program, I was doing nothing except trying to survive with a new baby and a 3 year old. I wanted to start being active again and lose some of the baby weight but it was too overwhelming to have to set aside 1.5 hours for the gym and I ended up feeling like a failure because I couldn’t do it. So since I couldn’t go “balls to the wall” at the gym, I did nothing. Julia’s program allowed me to see that if I just put in a little bit of effort, I can be healthier and happier and see results! It was the perfect program because I could do it on my own time and I had the support of Julia and the other members of the challenge. Sometimes it was even hard to find the 15-20 minutes to fit in a workout but I was motivated by the challenge to do it and those little workouts made a difference. The recipes were also easy and delicious. I wish I could have followed the meal plan more but just making the few recipes that I did, made a difference. I lost 6 solid pounds during the challenge which is great but since the 6 weeks were Thanksgiving through New Years, I would actually venture to say that the results are incredible! I would recommend Julia’s program to any busy person that just can’t find the time to get to the gym.


“My good friend Julia is someone I look up to for her perseverance and determination when it comes to health and physical fitness (I’m sure we all do!). As I continue on my journey to bring my post-2 kids body back to where I want it to be, I have tried and keep trying new ways to keep me engaged – whether it’s CrossFit, the Max Challenge, at home workouts, Pilates, or having Julia kick my butt!

Julia came to my house every Friday morning, before my kids or even husband woke up. I looked forward to that each week because I knew that I would be “set” for the weekend. Each Friday was a different workout and I was pretty sore the next 2 days – which is exactly what I wanted!


“Julia is a fantastic trainer. My weekly AM session with her is something I really look forward to! I only wish I had time to train more — hopefully soon! The work-outs are thorough and well thought out, focusing on strength training for the entire body. She is also very attune to proper technique and makes sure you do every move with intention and attention.”


“I have been training with Coach Julia for the past two years. She has trained me in both CrossFit and has served as my running coach. She is really fantastic. I am someone that likes a lot of feedback concerning different movements so I can do the workout as efficiently as possible as well as avoid injury. Coach Julia knows how to describe the movements pre-workout and assesses our movements throughout the workout to ensure maximum performance.

As a running coach, she developed a six week plan for beginners. We met weekly and had homework throughout the week. At the end of the six weeks I did something I never thought I would do, run a 5k. Not only did I run that one but Coach Julia made it so much fun that I ran two more that year! Now, I thoroughly enjoy running because of her training.

I played baseball for years and good coaches are hard to come by. Coach Julia has my total confidence because she pays attention to all aspects of our training. Whether she is working to make sure our burpees are done properly for efficiency or making sure our form is correct for deadlifts to prevent injury, Coach Julia is on it. In fact, when I first started CrossFit, she was a relatively new coach and she corrected my kettle bell swings to make sure I wasn’t going to get hurt AND do them better and faster for a more complete workout!!!

Having her coach me these past two years has led to an incredible boost in my health and fitness. Her cheerful personality and unique ability to push you to the max to get the most out of your workout has totally contributed to a huge transformation (I lost 65 lbs in a year). She is a superb coach and I have been blessed to have her in my corner pushing me to be the best I can be!”


“Julia is a super encouraging coach and very dedicated to making sure you reach your goals. We set a goal to run my first 5K and I could not have done it without her. Julia helped me learn how to pace myself, breathe correctly and how to run properly. I had such a positive and supportive experience with her running clinic and definitely encourage others to join!”-


“I really loved training with Julia!!! It was fantastic having her support- it’s priceless. The workouts were just right for me and she kept me very consistent. Also the nutritional guidance and the running tips were excellent. I’m so happy with the weight I lost (30 lbs) and how I feel now.”


“Julia’s Fastitinista FitCamp is amazing–fun, high energy, and super effective. She mixes her workouts up so you know you’re getting a full body workout. She also provides a lot of personalized attention and feedback. One of the best classes out there. I definitely recommend!”


“Julia has been my coach for the past 12 weeks, and I look forward to working out with her every week. She tailored an exercise plan to meet my fitness and running goals, and focused on strengthening my core. I feel my whole body getting stronger and I love it!

I wanted to get in shape doing exercises I could also do at home, but also learn how to run properly. I just finished my first 5k (42:40) and could not have done it without Julia’s expertise, encouragement, and inspiration. I see improvement in my daily activities  too–bending, lifting, and squatting.

I just signed up for another 12 weeks with Julia to improve my endurance for my next 5k, and continue to focus on strength and core training. This is the best I have felt in years! I feel so good about myself and the progress I have made so far.”


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