Our recent trip to Cape May

My family and I take frequent trips to Cape May throughout the year. It’s been a tradition to go during the 4th of July holiday and stay for a week.

This year, we rented a house across the street from my sister in law’s house in the Cove Beach area. I highly recommend this location if you have younger children as the beach there is a bit calmer.

We packed several snacks not just for the long car ride there, but also to have a the beach house and bring to the beach. We love MadeGoods snacks which are allergy friendly for Frankie. We also love popcorn and veggie straws and fresh fruit like apples and blueberries.

Some of the places we got dinner at were:

Rusty Nail

Harbor View Restaurant

Organic Greens

The Criquet Club

410 Bank Street

When I’m down the shore, I love to indulge in seafood. I make sure that I have greens and focus on the seafood and greens over anything starchy even if it’s served with the meal.

Yes, we go out to eat often while on vacation. I didn’t say this would be a blog about vacationing on a budget! 😉 We do buy stuff for breakfast and lunch at the house (or to take to the beach), so that helps!

As far as exercise, I contemplated getting a weekly membership at Cape May Fitness, one of the local gyms. It would’ve been $78 for the week which I thought was decent, but after thinking about it, I didn’t really think I would go more than 3 times. So I opted to just do runs and quickie workouts at the beach house instead.

I do a weekly live workout for The Fit Femmes Studio on Wednesdays, so that was already on my calendar, but then I also did 2 runs ( wish I could’ve done more but it was hot and humid) and about 3 mini workouts. I didn’t try to do any new workouts, I kept it simple. I did 2 of the same lower body movements from the Wednesday live workout and added some banded arm work.

Here’s one of the quickie workouts I did:

Air squats

Elevated lunges (back leg on a couch)

Banded curl to press

Banded pull downs

Plank hold

Repeat as many rounds as you can for 10-20 minutes.

As you can see, it doesn’t have to take long to get in a movement session that helps to keep you fit and strong and ready to hit the beach.

Are you on vacation somewhere this summer? Share with me below!

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