Welcome to my fitness blog!

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2015
JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2015

Welcome to The Petite Fastinista! Please join me as I share some of my adventures (and sometimes misadventures) in working out, whether it’s running, CrossFitting or some other type of exercise.

I hope to inspire you and motivate you in your own journey to fitness and health. I also hope to learn from you whatever you’re willing to share.

2 responses to “Welcome to my fitness blog!”

  1. I am just starting my journey to fitness. Motherhood really pushed the brakes for me! My oldest is 5.5 yrs old, and I am experiencing a bit more time for myself. Don’t worry, not all moms struggle as much as I did. But good for you that you are so committed to your health BEFORE you lose 100% control of your time. I hope you continue to post after the baby comes. I need motivation from another mom.

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I’ll def continue posting about my adventures working out as well as training others so hopefully I can keep motivating you 🙂 Keep up your good work!

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